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smart PDA

make digitalization happen

We have developed smart-PDA especially for small businesses and craft producers. With our medium-sized company solution, the production data acquisition (PDA) of actual data on conditions and process progress in production and craft enterprises can be implemented quickly and in a cost-effective manner.

With smart-PDA your process data can either be imported via a CSV interface or we can connect it directly using a DB connector.

The subsequent feedback of the data status takes place via tablets or smartphones in combination with QR & barcode scanners.


Concept photo of a woman scanning a bar



Flexible & scalable

database design


When it comes to data storage, we consistently rely on future-proof and flexibly adaptable databases. With SQLite, the implementation is quickly realised and without additional server costs. For those who prefer to operate a local SQL database server or require cloud-based data processing, we currently offer Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft SQL Azure.


Condition recording &
Data information

The use of tablets, smartphones and/or mobile QR & barcode scanners makes it possible to record the status of your process data and provide data information at low cost and from any location. 

Depending on your needs, only the process status is reported to your in-house solution (ERP, MES, PIMS, SCADA) or the extended process data such as order details, drawings, product information, etc. is retrieved and displayed on the tablet/smartphone.




make digitalization happen

We are happy to support you with the conception and its individual implementation.

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